Love List

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Baby Lake, 4 months old

How is my baby girl four months old already! Time is going way to fast. Lake is perfect baby sister to Harvey and Jessica, and they are perfect big brother and sister to her.They love her so much!

I am having an amazing time with Lake, and going back to work is getting closer and closer, which I am dreading by the way (lottery win please). We have settled into a routine, Lake sleeps through, 8pm until 6pm (she has done since she was 6 weeks old, the little legend). She is awake most of the time during the day with the occasional nap. She definitely wants entertaining now though, gone are the days where she would sleep in her moses basket most of the day! But I love entertaining her, so it' all good. Hard work at times though.

She is at the stage now where her hands are constantly in her month. I can see her trying so hard to grab things but she is not quite there yet. She will hold things but you do have to put them in her hand. She is almost rolling over too,but again not quite there yet.

She is such a happy smiley baby, she greets daddy, big sister and big brother with a huge smile everyday when they get home. She is looking more and more like her daddy everyday! Lake is a real little poser too, she loves having her photo taken and I love taking her photo. She had her first modelling shoot last week and she did really well, I was worried she would cry or want her dummy but she didn't. We are still waiting to see the photo's, can't wait. We have a meeting with a modelling agency next week, where they are hopefully going to be signing Lake onto their books. My little baby model.

Love her so much!

PS Daddy is currently out sending away for Lake's passport ready for our holiday in a few months!