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Monday, 26 February 2018

My pregnancy with baby Lake, baby #3

I was so miserable while pregnant that I hardly ever took any pregnancy photos. Which I now really regret. This is one of the about three photos!

I really wish that I had started this when I was pregnant with Lake. As I would of had so much to write about, but now four months on, I have almost forgotten what it was like to be pregnant. I was constantly on google, looking up baby's development, what was happening that week, what baby looked like, how they where growing, stretch marks, births, baby names, everything. I looked up every single pregnancy symptom possible (I thought I had everything). Every little twinge I was on the internet. I feel I would of had so much to say!

My pregnancy seemed to go on forever and I am not going to lie, I did not enjoy being it, I really envy those women who embrace every second, taking amazing baby bump pictures, but this was not me at all. Don't get me wrong, I was so excited to have a baby and could not wait until she arrived and it was so worth every single second, now I have baby Lake but I am just so impatient!

I never had any complications while I was pregnant which I am forever thankful for and looking back my pregnancy was really straight forward, so I almost feel really bad for complaining. But I really did struggle! And I'm sure my family did too, with my constant moods and complaining! Sorry guys!

First Trimester
We were 6 weeks when we found out we were pregnant and I was instantly feeling it. I was super tired and I mean super tired! I felt sick all the time although I was rarely actually sick. Writing it now, it sounds like nothing really, but I could not stay awake and I had  no energy whatsoever which was constant. More than anything though, I was just so anxious, I could not wait to have more scans as I just wanted to know we everything was ok, as I'm sure everyone does. I had a bleed early on, so this really put me on edge.

Second Trimester
This I would say was the best part of my pregnancy. My energy levels kind of when back to normal, and I was over the moon because we found out we where having a girl, and I was desperate for a baby girl. We had had several scans and all was ok, I started to feel baby kicking, I could see her growing, I was so ready to have her, I could not wait.

Third Trimester
We moved house whilst I was in my third trimester. Probably not the best idea but we needed to. So this brought on a lot of stress and work but also brought distraction. The third trimester was definitely was the worst for me. I was so uncomfortable, I could not sleep, I could not move. I was big! Everyone was scaring me, telling me the baby was going to be massive (she wasn't, she was small actually, 6 lbs 5ozs). I had constant heartburn, again everyone was expecting baby to have tons of hair, but she didn't.  I had swollen hands, swollen ankles. I was moody, emotional and Lake was a real wriggler, especially at bed time. I swear when I went to bed, she woke up!

I would say the worst part of my pregnancy altogether was my sense of smell. This sounds ridiculous but I swear I had the nose of a bloodhound! And everything smelt so bad! I actually could not cope! I had the weirdest pregnancy craving ever, not for eating but for smelling. I constantly had a bottle of Shake 'n Vac in my hand and I sniffed it all day long (wtf, i know) It gets worse: I also had a thing for those jelly air fresheners, I slept with one every night! It honestly sounds like nothing writing it now, but it got me so down so much, I was like a women possessed. I cried almost everyday! I literally blitzed the house everyday, trying to eliminate these smells (none of which by the way anyone else could smell)! I hired a carpet cleaner every week, I bought a million smelly candles, everyone thought I was going crazy and to be fair I did too!

I would say I suffered emotionally more than physically, and looking back I did not have a tough time at all compared to what some women go through and for that I am so grateful. And more grateful for baby Lake, I would do it all a million times over for her! She was worth every second, every tear and every stretch mark!