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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Baby Lake, 5 Months Old

How is my baby girl 5 months old already! That means next month she will be half a year! What? How? It is going way too fast,so fast in fact it makes me want to cry! And the time to return to work is getting closer and closer (this makes me want to cry even more)! How am I ever going to leave her? I'm sure she will be absolutely fine but I most definitely will not be! 

Not much has really changed this month, sleeping patterns are still the same, still sleeping through the night (thank you, baby girl). At one point I thought she was going through the 4 month sleep regression but luckily she was not. Days: we have settled into a routine, about 6/7 feeds a day, first being at 6am and the last at about 7:30pm, and she will have about 2/3 naps a day. Nap time varies but they range from about 1/2 an hour to about and hour and a 1/2. She will always sleep the least when I have sooooo much to do!! 

We are still waiting for Lake to roll over, but she just won't do it. It might have something to do with the fact that she hates lying down unless shes snoozing. She wants to sit up. She obviously cant sit up unattended yet though. She can surely grab things now though and she is at the stage where everything goes in the mouth! I don't think she is teething yet but she has a few teething rings and she loves a chew.

We have tried Lake with a bit of baby rice and baby porriage but she's not too keen as yet. We dont keep giving her it we are just trying her with it every once in a while. She likes chocolate though! She tried white chocolate for the first time, today in fact. Obviously it  was only atiny bit but she loved it!

Lake has been signed to a modelling agency this month, she was meant to go last month but it just keep getting postponed. I was beginning to think it was just not meant to be! She has no modelling jobs as yet but I am excited to see where this goes. Over the past few months she has been chosen to be Brand Rep for several brands on Instagram, which I actually love! I love taking photos of her! And she has been sent some stunning outfits! And headbands! She has more headbands than she will probably ever need, but she does get her wear out of them. Always wearing a bow, the bigger the better I say!

This may look like a pretty big bow, but trust me, its small in comparison to some!!

Lake experienced snow for the first time this month. She did not like it, but it was bloody cold! I didn't like it! We have not really ventured out too much this month, it really has been too cold.

Love her so much!