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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Baby Lake, 6 Months Old

I start every update this way I know, but where has the last 6 months gone!? Firstly I as mentioned last month we had been waiting for baby Lake to roll over. She has done it! So happy for my baby girl! Although it does bring a new level to baby safety. She loves rolling over, reaching for toys. She has really started to want to play with toys now, and by play, I obviously mean chew! Yes it has started, everything goes straight in the mouth. We have stocked up of teethers, even though she is not quite teething yet, she just loves a good chew! The grabbing has also extended to mummy's face and hair! She loves scratching mummy's face!

I have to say I did think that we would of started to wean Lake before now, however I just don't feel she is ready.I dont want to wean her too early, it doesn't help that I am literally terrified of baby led weaning!! I just cant get my head around it,  going from bottles to chucks of food so quickly. So I am obviously going to wait until I feel she is more ready. She is not sitting up unattended yet and hasn't really shown that much interest in food. She is just not ready.

Family holiday for us next month! Literally can not wait!