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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Baby Lake, 7 Months Old

Ok so, I have written this post a tiny bit before Lake hits 7 months old. The reason being, when she does hit 7 months we will be sunning it up on our first family holiday! I am slightly worried about travelling overseas with a baby, and a teething baby at that, but I shall report back how it went!

I feel like so much has happened this month. Especially the beginnings of teething! So, we have no visible teeth yet, but they are there and they are ready to make an appearance! You can see them in her gums, bless her. We have had quite a few tears! But I guess this is the start, there are a lot of teeth (and tears) to come through!

We have finally started to wean Lake. And I have decided to mix up the baby led weaning with the traditional puree method. We started with baby led, as I felt she was ready, shes sitting up, shes really interested in food, she grabs things and puts them in her mouth, she's 6 months so I feel she's ready. However every time we gave her anything, she gagged and was sick. I just could not overcome the fear of choking. I ended up getting myself so worked up about and in the end I thought, you know, baby led is not essential, you don't have to do it. So we have introduced purees, and she loves it and I am 100% more relaxed! And this is so much better as I want weaning to be an enjoyable experience, not just for Lake but for us too, I don't want to be stressed to the max about it! We are letting Lake fed certain food herself though, like rusks and baby rice cakes, these melt in the mouth so I am much more comfortable with it. Once she does get used to food a bit more I will continue with baby led but I just want to introduce it really slowly. There is no rush.

Another major thing that has happened in the last month, is I have had to arrange my return to work! (I feel like crying just thinking of it). Lake is all booked into nursery and will be having some taster sessions nearer the time. How am I going to do this? How am I going to leave her? I don't think I will ever be ready to leave her!

PS Also my baby girl has just started sitting up, perfect timing little Lake thank you, right before our holiday! She just loves now sitting and playing with her toys.