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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Baby Lake, 8 Months Old

I feel we have totally made a breakthrough this month with weaning. I mentioned last month we was going on holiday (it was the best holiday ever by the way) and I was so worried about Lake's eating habits as we had only just started to wean her. She refused to drink anything other than formula and with going to a hot climate, I really needed her to drink water! And I was worried about what she would eat while we were there. But it actually worked out amazingly!

We ate a lot a the hotel as we were all inclusive, and Adam started to give her bits of cucumber and tomato to nibble on as we ate. I was so panicy and I though she would choke on it but she didn't. She actually loved it. She kind of nibbled it into little tiny bits, without any teeth I might add and she ate it! I mean 90% of what we gave her ended up on the floor, but the fact she was actually eating real food was a real break though. I then had the confidence to try her with other foods and there was pretty much nothing she wouldn't eat! Now looking back on when we tried to wean her before I think she just wasn't ready. 

Our holiday was amazing! And Lake was perfect, she isn't crawling yet so she spent a lot of time on us or in her pushchair. She slept a lot, I think it was the hot weather that made her tired. I'm not going to write to much though as I plan on writing a separate post about our holidays!

In other news, I'm due to o back to work soon,I'm dreading it,I am so not ready,I don't think I will ever be ready to leave my baby girl! Lake is booked in to have some taster sessions at nursery!