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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Baby Lake, 9 Months Old

I am back at work now (insert 10 thousand crying emojis here)! I'm not ready. But are you ever ready? Anyhow needs must and I have returned to work. I am however forever grateful that my employer has allowed me to return part time. So with this little Lake has started nursery. Its a lovely nursery and the staff there are amazing but Lake however is not taking it to well. 

I'm sure she will over time and she just needs for it to become part of her routine, but I hate leaving her crying. She pulls on me because she doesn't want me to leave. I have to admit I almost cried the first few times. But the staff assured me she settles and she enjoys her day there after I'm gone. Which she does. She is suffering from separation anxiety and unfortunately this is effecting us even at home. So this combined with my own anxiety of leaving Lake it has been quite a difficult month for us. Adam and I can't leave Lakes eyesight without her being really upset. And she has started waking up in the night again. 

I have frantically been researching separation anxiety and have learnt a lot! I am going to write a separate post on this as it has been a real issue for us. I do know it's just a temporary phase and Lake is just adjusting to our new lifestyle with her being quite young still but it doesn't make it any easier! I am definitely benefiting from all the extra cuddles!

Lake can now sit up unattended, and she is leaning so much! She loves to copy what we do. She shakes her head when you say no, but by far the best thing she has learnt this month is to give kisses!