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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

What Lake Eats In A Day (10 Months Old)

This is what Lake has eaten today. I do just want to add, when Lake is given finger food (as in her breakfast and lunch today) about half of it ends up on the floor, as apparently she just loves chucking food on the floor! Lake will also drink water from a sippy cup throughout the day. 

6:00 am: 7oz of Formula

9:00 am: 1/2 a banana, 4 strawberries and almond butter on toast. (I don't always cut the toast into fancy star shapes, but I did today, but in honesty, when she has toast, they are mostly cut into strips)! The stars are cute though right?!

11:00 am: 5oz of Milk, this is usually followed by nap time!

1:00 pm: Lunch! Today we had 1 crumpet, 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a slice of ham and some cucumber. Lake probably only ate about 1/3 of this!

Not sure why she doesn't look to happy in this photo!

4:00 pm: 5oz of Milk. Again this is followed by a little nap time!

6:00 pm: I planned on making something super healthy for dinner, however we ended up going out to eat. Lake had mash potato and beans. It was the first time she has ever had beans and she loved them!

She looks a lot happier here!

7:30 pm: 6oz of Formula. This is followed by bedtime for little Lakey!

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