Love List

Monday, 17 September 2018

Baby Lake,11 Months Old

Look how grown up she is! How is she 11 months old, more so how is she 1 next month! This has honestly been the fastest year of my life. Pregnancy seems to last forever and a day and once they are born time flies! Please slow down!

Lake's 4 top teeth decided to make an appearance all in one go this month so my poor baba has really suffered with teething. It really had her under the weather for a while. After trying so many different things the best thing we found was Anbesol oil. This actually worked and was a great help!

Lake is now on the climb, she is pulling herself up all the time, we literally need eyes in the back of our heads. Its so amazing to watch her grow though and learn new things everyday. She just loves playing 'Hidey Boo' and will pull the blankets up over her eyes and say 'Hidey.' This has to be her first word and it is literally the cutest thing in the world! She loves doing 'Round and round the garden' and will try doing it on her own hand when you stop. So adorable. 

Lake has had another modelling job this month for the Studio catalogue this time. I can't wait to see the pictures! She really does so well at her shoots, I'm always worried she won't play along but she's a natural. It's probably all the practice she has with me constantly taking her picture!!! How can I not though?!