Luxury Play Mats: Comparison

I don't know about you but if decide I want something I will literally obsess over it. I rarely make impulse purchases and maybe its the savvy shopper in me, but I do love to research to find the best deal. Think notepads and spreadsheet! And this is fun for me! No joke.

Anyway, I thought seen as I'm doing it away I'd share my findings, in case there are any other savvy shoppers out there! And like I said this is fun for me! I thought I'd make it into a little series, as there are a couple more things I have my eye on at the minute with my list making in full swing!

But today I wanted to share what I found on luxury play mats. I have been wanting one of these for Lake and Jessica for a little while now as they are not only totally practical but super cute too!

So there are four many companies within the UK I narrowed it down too, Toddle Kind, Bumpa Mats, Totter and Tumble and Munchkin and Bear. And in all honesty they are all absolutely stunning and all very similar. This is why I found it so hard to decide! All companies mats are made from non toxic materials and passed the relevant safety standards. I made a little chart (see I told you) listing the main deciding factors I wanted to consider. 

Image via Toddle Kind
I have to say these mats were my favourite print wise. The prints were just absolutely stunning, I love them all. These were also the biggest but the most expensive. I did sign up to their email listing which offered a 10% discount off your first order so this reduced the price a bit. I honestly wanted one of these mats so bad. But here is where I had my dilemma: they were the puzzle tile type (I know, such problems lol) Totally not a big issue but however these tend to work best on hard floors and short pile carpets and we have long shaggy carpet. I feared they would lift when we put pressure on them. I have no idea it this would be the case but I just didnt want to riskit. Gosh, I wish I had hard floors lol! If I did, one of these mats would definitely be mine! Just one more note on these, I couldn't find on the website if these were reversible or not. 

Image via Bumpa Mats
These ones are reversible, with a print one side and a track the other. These mats were also one piece. The prints are lovely, but I have to admit I don't think personally we would use the track side. Although these where a good price, especially if you signed up for emails you could get an extra £10 off, I thought it would make more sense for me to go for one were I would use both sides.

Image via Totter and Tumble
Again these were reversible and in one whole piece. The prints are amazing and have different prints each side. They had a lovely selection of prints, I especially love the monochrome spotty print! I so would have bought this but unfortunately it didn't match my decor (I need to redecorate lol). Again I signed up for their emails and was sent a £10 off discount code. 

Image via Munchkin and Bear
These were ever so slightly smaller but definitely the best price. These were reversible and in one piece. I loved their prints, especially the pink peony print. I love pink! These also offer a round mat which I just love. 
I can honestly say I would be so happy with any of these mats, they are all beautiful! Can you see why I had such a difficult decision? Can you guess which I went for? I will spill soon!


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