Baby Lake: 22 Months Old

Feisty as she may be at times (and oh boy, is she fierce!) Lake is just so loving. It is literally the cutest. You know when they spontaneously run up to you, thrown their arms around you for a cuddle and give you a big kiss? She does this all the time and I just want to stay in those moments forever. They literally last for about two seconds but its honestly so precious. She proper puckers up for a kiss too, its so cute! And Daddy gets sooooo much more cuddle time than me too, it makes me so jealous. She is such a Daddy's girl. 

Lake has been speaking for a while now but only the off few words and names. She can say all our families names. Its funny because she says them all just normally but when she says Harvey, she shouts 'Harrr- eeee.' Makes me wonder if I'm always shouting Harvey! She literally will not say it without shouting. 

Although she speaks constantly in baby gabble, she has just recently started to put two word together, like 'Where's Jess?' or 'Let's go.' But she definitely understands more than she talks, she will understand and action things when I ask her to do something. Like 'Can you get Mummy a nappy?' or 'Can you put this away?' and she will do it and she loves it too. She even attempts to put her toys away. We have a 'Tidy Up' song that we play and she knows to put her toys away when its on. 
Lake loves playing, but her favourite thing to do is colouring! She just loves it and she hold the pencils so well. She has even coloured the walls! And this girl is obsessed with Stickers! Which is so ironic because Adam hates stickers, he just wont touch them! Lake sticks them everywhere, especially all over herself and the floor!
She is definitely an outdoor girl too, she cant get enough of the outdoors: Walks, the Beach, Parks, anywhere outdoors, she loves. She just wants to run off though, we are trying to let her out of the stroller to a little to walk now too but she just doesn't always want to hold hands! She wants to be free! So she loves going places she can run free a little. The beach is one of her favourites.