DIY: Vintage Photo Wall Hanging

I recently worked with Moony Lab and was gifted a set of their Vintage Prints. I knew straight away that I wanted to make them into a wall hanging. It's obviously super easy and does it really need a tutorial, but I love how it turned out so thought I would share!

It took me literally about half an hour and its the easier project ever!
A Wooden Stick
Vinatge Prints
Double Sided sticky dots (or regular tape will do)
First I tied three pieces of string in a long line to the stick. I didn't worry about measuring them as I knew I would cut them down to size later. Then I used the sticky dots to attach the prints in a long line (after doing this I realised I could of just stuck them on with tape, opps)! I used 18 prints all together, 6 on each line and then cut the string under the last print. Finally I added a hanging string to the stick. Easy