DIY Pom Pom Drop for Toddlers

I'm all for making a little DIY for Lake, but when its something she can help make, then also play with them its a win win! See Lake helping and playing in our video below!

My inspiration for this DIY was definitely Pinterest, I saw so many on there, most were using plain kitchen and toilet roll tubes but I decided to try it a little bigger and I wanted to decorate it too, like I said Lake would enjoying decorating it just as mush as playing with it. You can totally just use plain tubes though, I'm sure the kiddies wont notice a difference!
It was so easy to make, here's what you will need:

Tubes (I used pringle tubes and some that had had biscuits in).
Box (One box to collect the Pom Poms)
Pom Poms (or any ball that will fit)
Tape (I used washi tape, 1, because its pretty and 2, it doesn't leave any residue on the walls)

Note: I had one tube that was a bit heavier and wouldn't stick to the wall with tape, so I used a picture hanging strip and it worked fine.
Not really much to say on how you do it, other than cut the ends off the tubes (I also cute one in half length ways), decorate (we painted some and covered some in patterned paper) and stick to the wall with the tape.