I'm a Girly: I'm a Stylist: Styling Head, Lola Review #AD

As per ASA guidlines this post is a paid promotion. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Who doesn't like styling hair? I know I do! And I know Jessica does. I'm remember styling hair for hours when I was a child. And Jessica is a creative, just like her Mama! Plaits, ponytails, twists, bobbles, headbands, and clips, the possibilities are endless. Well, meet Lola:

Gorgeous isn't she? And that sequin top (which is removable by the way) is just beaut. Lola is a 33 cm styling head, complete with this stunning purple hair! She comes with hair accessories too: bobbles and clips. But the fun doesn't stop there, she also comes with earrings, face gems and magnetic eyelashes, ready for not just hair styling but a full makeover. 
A Little bit about I'm a Girly

First, lets quickly talk about the brand. I'm a Girly is a company from Switzerland producing the latest, contemporary toys aimed a teens and pre teens. They bring that trendy edge to their products, perfect for that age when children have outgrown 'baby' dollys. 

I'm a Girly is developed with their KIDS4KIDS design team, which is a panel of 9- 14 year old children, boys and girls. Who better to design kids toys than kids themselves, right?! I'm a Girly embrace children's individuality and better yet encourage it. All their products face the critics of the KIDS4KIDS team. You can read more about the team here

I'm a Girly is also a promoter of sustainability (which is definitely a win for me). Everything they produce is produced with premium tested materials. The packaging is even reusable, as it designed to store the product, rather than to be thrown away. 

I'm all for toys that inspire a child's creativity. And the Lola styling head does just that! Jessica has just turned 12 years old and has started to develop her own personal style, and the Lola styling head is giving her the opportunity to express that style. Not only with the hair but with the accessories too. She loves creating a whole new look for Lola, with the eyelashes and face gems. You can even put make up on her. Jessica has loved trying this out and it comes off super easy, ready for her next look!
Jessica has had her Lola Styling head for a few weeks now and she is obsessed with trying out new hair styles on Lola. The head has suction cups on the bottom, allowing it to stick to the surface, which Jess has found makes it a lot easier to style. The head rotates too, making styling more realistic and accessible. The hair is such high quality and super soft, making the styling so sleek and easy.  Often styling heads have hair that has that plastic-y feel which makes it difficult to style. This is the opposite. It is also slightly bigger than other styling heads on the market. 
What Jessica and I love about the I'm a Stylist Lola is that you can get interchangeable wigs for her, so the fun is never ending. You can easily change them up with different colours and styles and can even cut the hair if you wish. Jess has had no issues changing them up and loves switching out the different colours for different looks. The additional wigs also come with a wig hold to store when they are not in use!
Check out I'm a Girly and I'm a Stylist Lola here

***This post is a paid promotion with I'm a Girly, however all thoughts and opinions are my own***