DIY Alphabet Salt Dough Stones

I thought these would be such a great idea for a DIY, not only would Lake love making and playing with the salt dough (she did) but there are so many activities she could do with the alphabet stones. And by using salt dough they are much lighter than actual stones and more suitable for Lakes little hands!
I wanted these to be white with black letters so they really stood out to her, to help with her recognition of the letters. I didn't want to paint them and typically salt dough has a yellowy tone, so I used this method to make the salt dough and to make them white...

White Salt Dough Recipe
1/2 Cup of Salt
1 Cup of Plain Flour
1/2 Cup of Water
1/2 Cup of White Acrylic Paint

Mix the water and the paint in one bowl, and the salt and flour in another. Once both combined, add the wet mixture to the dry and mix to form a dough. Once it clumps together, knead until smooth.
To make the alphabet shapes, just roll a little section into a ball then flatten to the desired thickness. 

Once shaped you can leave the salt dough to dry for a couple of days, making sure to turn at lease once. Or you can dry them in the oven, on a  very low heat for 2-3 hours.

I then just wrote the letters on with a sharpie!