Toilet Tube Haunted House - Halloween #smallhandsbigplay Challenge Day #6

Toilet roll haunted house
This one was a little time consuming, but that just means more crafty fun! Super easy to so with a little help from mum, Lake is so proud of her haunted house!
You'll need:

5 Toilet Roll Tube
1 Kitchen Roll/ Sweetie Tube
Scrap Cardboard
Craft Knife
Metalic Pen
toilet tube haunted house
After Lake painted the tubes and the cardboard, I hot glued the house in place. I then used a craft knife to cut the turrets and windows. In hindsight I most definitely should of cut these before I fixed the house together! I then used a metalic pen to add a little detail. 
toilet roll tube craft

Lake loves painting, she is just having fun but in reality by doing so she is learning the following skill sets:
* Hand eye coordination
* Fine pincer grasp
* creative development
halloween haunted house craft
Toilet Tube Hallowen House