DIY : Fabric Pink Pumpkins

So orange is not really my colour! But I love Halloween and I love pumpkins. So Jessica and I made some pink ones. Pink and white pumpkins. 

You will need to be able to sew, but basic sewing is all that is needed. These are super easy and take only about 15 minutes.
Scrap fabric is all you need, you don't need a lot but it will depend how big you want your pumpkins.
Needle and cotton
Surely everyone has a needle and some cotton, right?
A small piece of felt
I got mine from a local craft store it was 45p!
From the same craft store, it was £3.50 for a big way bigger than you will need for these.
Glue Gun
Step 1
Cut your fabric to size. You can make whatever size you want, just cut the fabric into a rectangle, twice as long as it is high. My pink ones where 25cm x 50cm and the white ones where 12cm x 24cm. Fold the fabric in half and sew the side together.
Step 2
Gather stitch the bottom of the pumpkin. Which if you don't know is basically weave the needle and cotton in and out in large stitches. Make sure you do this all around the bottom in a circle and not holding the two edges together. Once you have gone all the way round pull tight and secure in place.
Step 3
 Then turn the pumpkin inside out which will now be the right way around and stuff with the stuffing. 
Step 4
Gather stitch the top the same way you did the bottom. While the thread is still attached, thread through the bottom and the top and then pull tighter to make the ridges in the pumpkin. Make as many ridges as you like depending on how you would like your pumpkin to look. I did 5 ridges. Secure in place.
Step 5
Roll the felt and use a glue gun to hold the roll. Cut down if required and then glue to the pumpkin.
All done!