DIY: Ikea DUKTIG Toy Kitchen Hack

I loved this project so much. I had seen so many ideas for the Duktig play kitchen hack on Pinterest. I literally could not decide what to do! But I decided on a grey, white and pink theme. My favourite colours and I, of course had to have a marble work top!

This project is super easy but it did take a couple of days, with the painting, obviously it needs time to dry.

Ikea DUKTIG Play Kitchen
Available here, £60
Spray Paint
I used Silver for the handles and sink and white for the wood. Make sure you get paint that will stick to what you are painting: wood and plastic.
Sandpaper or Sander (Optional)
Contact Paper
I used a grey marble. I got mine from Wilkinson's, it was about £4. I cant find it online but I'm sure they will have it in store.
This is to stick the tiles on to.
Adhesive Tiles
Mine where from Ebay, they where about £3, but I needed two.
I got some kitchen accessories, again from Ikea, there where £6 each.

Step 1
If you are going to sand the wood, and I would recommend you do as it helps the paint adhere better, start sanding. I wanted the whole kitchen to be white so any piece that wasn't already white, we sanded, ready for painting. The kitchen obviously comes flat packed so the single pieces are really easy to sand. We (I say we, I mean Adam!) used an electric sander for quickness.

Step 2
Paint. Spray all the relevant pieces. Like I mentioned before I sprayed the sink and handles silver and the wood white.

Step 3
Work on the work top. This was by far the fiddiliest part! Peel the contact paper and spread over the work top piece. Fold the edges over and cut out the sink and cooker pieces. As the sink and cooker overlap a tad, you don't have to be too neat. 

Step 4
Once everything is dry, start building, obviously following the instructions included with the kitchen. It was really easy to assemble.

This is the only picture I took of us building it! I got too excited lol!

Step 5
Cut the cardboard to size and stick the tiles to the cardboard. I had to cut around the bricks on the tiles to make sure they fit. Then I used a glue gun to glue the cardboard to the kitchen. Simple. 

Look how much she loves it!!