DIY: Floral Baby Crown

This has to be my favourite DIY to date. I'm totally in love with how it turned out. I made this for Lake's cake smash, but I'm so going to be making more. Can not wait to try it with different flowers. Might even make one for myself! Look how cute she looks in it though!

Totally easy. It took me about an hour to complete.

Grapevine Wire
Mine was from Amazon, about £8
Florist Tape
Again Amazon, £3
I had Roses, Carnations and Gypsophilia (I didn't use the roses in the end though as they where to big)

Step 1:
Measure your little ones head and cut the wire to fit, double it round and twist to secure where the wire meets. Then to ensure there is no exposed wire edges, use the tape to tightly wrap where you twisted. The tape becomes sticky as you pull it tight.

Step 2:
Start adding the flowers. Use the tape to wrap the flowers around the base, taping only the flowers stem so remember to leave a tail when cutting the stems as these will be covered with tape anyway. I concentrated on one flower type at a time, I started with the Gypsophilia then moved on to the Carnations. 

I had all my flowers pointing the same way but you can arrange them as you please! That's it. I stored this in the fridge when we wasn't using it ans it lasted for a couple of days.