Yoghurt Drops Recipe

baby yoghurt drop recipe
Ok, I have called this a recipe but it's not really a recipe. It is basically just freezing yoghurt! This has to be one of Lake's favourite though. I often give Lake these to eat at the dinner table if we are having something she can't eat and has already eaten. Or they are perfect for a little snack!

Like I said, its literally the easiest thing in the world! Takes minutes to do but a couple of hours to freeze. And to be honest, they are yummp for the whole family!

You'll need:

Piping bag
Baking Tray

Simply pipe the yoghurt onto a baking tray in little drops, then pop them in the freezer. Once frozen I like to transfer them into a little pot to save space in the freezer. Then I just give her a few at a time. 

diy yoghurt dropsyoghurt drop recipe

Not really much else to say, but make these, definitely make these, you wont regret it. Anyway, I'm off to make some more...

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