DIY: Personalised Toy Belly Basket

I totally love this DIY. Its super easy and it actually comes in so handy! Only trouble is Lake has so many toys I now need to make more!

Ok, so this is the simplest DIY in the world, however it is not the easiest! Sticking those letters on is harder than it looks. I'm not trying to put you off, I love this DIY and would definitely recommend it, its just fiddily! But in reality it is super easy, I think I'm just rubbish at lettering! It only took about an hour.

Belly Basket, or any basket of your choice! 
(Ikea sell these  for £12 but I live no where near Ikea, so got mine off Ebay and it was only about £6)
Sequin Ribbon 
(I got mine from Amazon)
Glue Gun

Basically you glue the sequins to the basket in the shape of your desired text! I found it easier to copy my text style, as I was have no luck attempting freehand! So I typed 'Lakes toys' onto a word document and changed the font until I found one I liked then copied it (photo above). I concentrated on one letter at a time and worked very slowly. Like it said it is fiddly and harder than it looks. I think its totally worth it though, I love how it turned out.