DIY: Ikea EKORRE Rocking Moose to Reindeer Hack

I am literally in love! This is the easiest  children's Ikea Hack there is! And I think it looks inedible, and it will only set you back about £30! It's perfect for Christmas! Here's how its done...

It is not difficult in the slightest and it doesn't take long at all. However drying time for the paint will obviously take about a day inbetween.

White spray paint (1 can is enough, I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Satin White, it was about £4.99 from a local craft store)

Step 1

This step is totally optional but I asked my Stepdad to saw off the nose ring on the face of the moose. Only because I thought it would look better without it. It would still look great with, or you could simply remove the ring if you didn't want it in.

Step 2
Everything that is red we sanded down and sprayed white. I guess you call spray it all pieces white but I wanted to leave some of the wood natural looking for a more Scandinavian look. This didn't take too long at all. 

Step 3
Once the paint has dried, simply follow the instructions to put the now reindeer together. It was really easy to put together, I put it together myself and it only took about half an hour. 

And your done!!


  1. how did you fill the hole where the nose ring was?

    1. Hi! We didn't fill it in, we sawed it off completely and changed the shape of the face. Hope that helps x