Messy Play: DIY Edible paint

Today was the first time we have tried messy play. And yes, she loved it! And yes, it got very messy! We started with this simple edible paint with it being our first time. I can not wait to try other messy play idea's! 

To be fair it was a good job it was edible as she eat a fair bit of it lol, but she is at that age where everything goes in the mouth,so this was ideal.

The first thing I thought about was, what on earth do I put on my floor! I didn't really have anything that we could use. But in the end we brought a disposable dust sheet from B&Q. It was about £2. Its basically a massive plastic sheet. We will have enough for a couple more turns too. I placed this over a blanket to protect our carpet and taped the edges of the sheets down to try and keep it in place. 

The paint is just yoghurt mixed with a drop of food colouring. Super easy. I literally used one tiny drop as i'm not totally keen on Lake eating food colouring! I mixed a drop with with one whole yoghurt for each colour.

I will say these picture don't look that messy. But trust me it got messy! I had to put my phone away! Luckily we could just pick up the sheet and throw it away so it wasn't too bad to clean up. But cleaning Lake up was a totally different story!!