DIY: Mini Christmas Wreath

I made us a Christmas door wreath this year (which I literally love by the way) and I had a few bits of foliage left over so thought I would make a mini version! It's too cute, I love it!

I'm not  going to lie, this is fiddly! It's not difficult, it just involves a lot of wrapping tape close together so just gets a bit fiddly! It doesn't take though, probably about an hour all together. 

Grapevine Wire 
(Mine was from Amazon, I have tons left over from a previous DIY)
Florist tape 
(again I had lots left over,but was originally from Amazon
Christmas Foliage
Mine was from Lidl, it was £3 bunch

Step 1
Firstly make a loop your desired size with the grapevine wire, I twisted it all around to add extra structure to the loop to try and hold the shape. I then use the tape to secure the ends.

Step 2
Start adding the foliage in your desired design by placing it against the loop, holding in place and wrapping the tape to secure. Florist tape will turn sticky when wrapped. 
I wanted to make mine a symmetrical as possible, I wanted lots of foliage at the bottom with a few going up the sides. 

Step 3
I then wrapped string at the bottom  in the middle to hide the leftover tape on display. I added a little wooden heart I found in my craft box and made a handle from some string. 

All done!
Please excuse the terrible quality of this photo!