Review: Bambino Mio: Reusable Nappies (Bugs Life collection)

I want to just start by saying, I am totally converted by these reusable nappies! I must say, I was sceptical at first but I really think this is because I knew nothing about reusable nappies, to be honest I didn't really know they still a thing. So when Bambino Mio asked me to try out their new Bugs Life collection, I jumped at the chance! I was super excited to try something different!

Just in case you don't know, Bambino Mio produce eco friendly baby products, specialising in reusable cloth nappies. They have so many gorgeous designs and they have very kindly sent me their new Bugs Life collection. The Bugs life collection is launching today (10th January 2019) and will be available online and in Aldi UK

As far as I can see they have two main types of nappies, the two piece and the all in one. I received the 'Miosolo' nappy, which is their all in one. I found it just as easy to use as a disposable nappy and it fits on Lake the same way, but obviously after a nappy change you can wash these and reuse them! They fit Lake perfectly, I originally feared they may be bulky but they aren't at all, they looked no different to a disposable under her clothes. Another thing is that these can be adjusted with poppers to fit from birth to potty training. I wish I had known about these sooner! I could of saved £££'s!

If you have not used reusable nappies before you are probably thinking the same thing I did before I tried them: What about the poop?! (sorry, but the poop needs to be approached)! You can place a liner within the nappy to 'catch' the poop, then flush just everything away. Easy!

So how did we get on? So far we have had no leakage, even at night, I do put in the boosters at night just in case but I really don't think its necessary. Lake has had no irritability and no nappy rash. I find they wash well and are really no extra washing, we all know how much washing a baby causes so popping these in too is nothing. We have been using the liners so we have no stains or anything in the nappies and although its only been a few weeks, the nappies are as good as new! We use the wet bag when out and about to store the nappies until we get home. I honestly can't fault them! 

I can't complete the post with mentioning some of the benefits of these nappies and if I'm honest, I did have to research these and when i did i was blown away! Just think of the money you could save?If you use them from birth you could save over £700 (more if you are planning more babies)! Like I said, I wish I had used these when Lake was newborn!

Disposable nappies use chemical gels whereas these just use absorbent fabrics, so studies have shown that they can be better for your baby and can reduce nappy rash. So they can be better for your baby!

So, better for you, better for your baby, but also better for the environment! This is a big one: 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away EVERYDAY, and each can take up to 500 years to decompose! Making them 40% better for the environment then disposable nappies!

I just want to add, I was gifted these nappies, but my reviews are my honest opinion and I have not been told what to write or what to include.