Baby Lake, 15 Months Old

Ok, so I have missed a few months, last time I wrote one of these Lake was 12 months old. So much has happened since then.

First off, we finally have a little walker! In fairness, Lake has only just started walking properly. She took her first steps months ago but never really progressed much more until a few weeks ago. I love that she walks now too, it is the cutest thing ever. She loves it too! I always let her have a little walk when we go to get Jess from school. Jess and I take a hand each, and Lake is in her element! She gets so upset when we have to get in the car!

Lake does say a few words now too. She says Mamma, Dadda, and no! She loves says to say no, she says it with such attitude too! The other day she said Narna (banana), it was the cutest! She understands a lot more than she speaks though. I can ask her a question and she will answer with a nod or a shake of the head. Its just things like, do you want a drink or a banana etc, but she knows! She definitely knows what she wants too, she really is a little madam at times! She will let you know if she doesn't want to do something!
We are very slowly weaning Lake off milk, she has cows milk now, and we have cut down to one mid morning, one before bed and she will usually wake in the night for one. We are desperately trying to cut out the night feed but Lake is not keen on the idea at the minute! She sleeps really well now though, she goes to bed about 7pm - 7:30pm and will wake around 6am- 7am, usually with one wake up for a bot bot at who knows what time! She went through a stage a few months ago where she just would not go to bed and would not sleep at all, she woke so many times during the night. We ended up making a bedtime routine and sticking to it no matter what, and it worked (eventually)! So I am happy with her sleep routine at the minute!

Lake loves play time, but she also loves playing with everything she is not supposed to! She does play with her toys, and she especially loves to play when others play with her. Lakes little cousin comes to play at least once a week and they love to play together!

One of Lakes favourite things to do however is dancing! She loves attempting the actions to songs (yes, baby shark too) and nursery rhymes. Row row row the boat and if your happy and you know it are her absolute faves!

It's so amazing watching her grow and learn, I literally love every single second!