What Lake Eats in Day (16 Months Old)

So what does the average 16 month old eat in day? I guess Lake is an average 16 month old! This month I have decided to do this a little differently. All Lakes meals have been made using the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender. I have had such fun trying this, I only wish I had had it when Lake was younger. With that said, its is still perfect for cooking Lakes meals at this stage of Lakes weaning. I will be posting all the recipes I have used today at a later date as some I have created myself. It was my first time creating recipes and it was such fun!

7:00 am: 6oz Cows Milk
Lake always has her milk when she first wakes up. Today it was 7am but I'm not always so lucky! Her wake up time varies between and 6am and 7am, which to be fair I know is pretty good! So I can not complain to much. But yeah, she has her bot bot (bottle) when she wakes up. So I can use this time to quickly get ready!

8:00 am: Apple and Raisin Porridge
This recipe is in the manual when you but the Steamer Blender, and I have to say, its one of Lakes faves! I love how you put everything in, set it to steam/blend, then get on with what your doing and just leave it to do its thing until its ready!

11:00 am: 6oz Cows Milk
Lake is about ready for a nap at this time so she has a bottle then (usually, not always) has a little nap.

1:00 pm: Chicken Korma and Rice
This was Lakes first time having Korma and she loved it! She ate it all (minus the handful she threw on the floor)! I made up this recipe myself, I'm pretty proud as it was yum! I will 100% be making this again. But for now I have some leftover as the recipe makes 3-4 portions. I will definitely be posting this recipe too, so keep your eye out soon!
3:00 pm Baby Clementine
These are Lakes new favourites!

6:00 pm Sweet Potato Cottage Pie
Again I made this recipe up myself (go me)! She loved it. I post this recipe soon too!
7:30 pm 6oz Cows Milk
Bed time. Lake always has a bottle before bed, it sends her right off to sleep!

I'm aware that I didn't mention drinks in this, but Lake has water through out the day and with all meals. She doesn't mind drinking water so I tend not to give her anything else other than this, besides her milk of course. 

Full review on the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender coming soon!