Going Eco with Herobility: Herobility Eco Review

I'm all for reducing my carbon footprint as and where possible, no matter how big or small. So when Herobility asked if I wanted to try out their Hero Eco range, I was more than happy to oblige! Not only are the products more eco friendly, being made from degradable bioplastics but every bottle sold helps plant trees in Africa, which in turn helps farmers escape poverty. If your interested more in this side of things ,visit the Herobility website to learn more about the great contributions they make.

So as Lake is that little bit older now I went for the Hero Eco Feeding Starter Pack, the Hero Eco Baby Cutlery and the Hero Eco Cup, all in pink obviously! Lake is so into feeding herself now and she is really good actually at using a folk and a spoon. For a good while now she hasn't let me feed her off a spoon, she is little miss independent! Which is fine by me as its great for improving her fine motor skills but being so independent does have one downside: the mess! Oh my gosh the mess! How she can make so much mess I will never know! This is the main reason I went to for the Feeding Starter Pack as it claims to 'Say Goodbye to Messy Dinners.'
So the Hero Eco Starter pack is a 4 piece set that contains; Hero Placemat, Hero Eco Plate, Hero Bib Connect and the Hero Eco Feeding spoon. The placemat is made from flexible silicone, which adheres to your high chair and is non slip. The plate sits in the placemat and uses a vaccum to stay in place. The bib is worn as normal but has magnets that attach to the placemat, to save messing up your bubas outfit! Genius right? 

The Hero Placemat
Apart from the obvious of non slip and keeping the plate in place the main reason I love this placemat is that it fits on our high chair! We have the Ikea Antilop high chair, which I know a lot of people have and it does have quite a small tray. I have bought placemats for Lake before and they are all too big for the Antilop tray, but this fits perfect! The Hero Plate fits perfectly, as do the other plates and bowls in the range. 

The Hero Eco Plate
Ok, so I tried this, I gave it some quite vigorous wiggles and it does not budge! Perfect for Lake when she is scooping up her din dins! It comes with a lid too which is great for any leftovers (not that there ever is any with Lake) but its also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe!

The Hero Bib Connect
This is by far my favourite part of the set. I am in love with the bib! I am aware this sounds a little crazy but if you use it you will see why! Prior to this, no matter what bib Lake wore she always messed up her outfit. In fact many outfits have been totally ruined this way. Every previous bib with pouches haven't worked. This Connect bib though, has a kangaroo style pouch, which kind of loops out and it is higher up the bib than other ones I have tried and it seriously does catch just about everything! The bib is extra wide too but not rigid so it moves as Lake does. Then there is the little magnets that attach to the placemat which prevents anything falling onto Lakes lap! I honestly can not fault it! Can you feel my enthusiasm for this bib! I just love it!
Watch how the food falls straight into the bib!

Like I mentioned before Lake always uses a folk or spoon at meal times now and these are designed especially for little hands. They have little thumb holes for extra grip, and Lake eats so well using them. 
Lake still uses a sippy cup and this one is ideal, you can use it in different ways. First obviously, it is a sippy cup, but as your baby grows the debatable lid allows you to use it as a cup and if you detach the straw: a cup and straw. Lakes not totally got the hang of a cup yet so she uses it a sippy cup,which is totally non spill!
***Please note that all items have been gifted to us, however all opinions are totally my own***