Infantino Senso 3-in-1 Sit, Walk and Ride Review

As soon as this Elephant arrived and Lake saw the box she was pulling at it to try and get it open. After opening and assembling (and a quick nip to the shop for batteries! Why do I never have batteries in?!) she was straight in there. The first thing she went for was the colourful balls, she honestly just sat and played with these for ages, just putting then in the holes and under the seat. As she played for a bit longer she discovered (with my assistance) the other features of the elephant. And this is what is so great about the elephant, there are so many ways to play!

So as the name suggests this has three main modes of play: sit, walk and ride. First off, this kind of thing is always a bonus for me, something that has multiple uses. The sit and play includes lights, sounds and activities, which can help teach shapes, numbers and more. So secondly educational, also a bonus for me! 
The elephant has a seat so its also a ride along, and you can adjust the speed on the wheels too. If i'm honest Lake hasn't quite got the hang of the ride along yet, she is a bit to little, but that is another reason why I love this, it grows with your baby and can be used a so many stages through their development.
She has however got the hang of the walker! Basically, you clip the seat up and it turns into a walker. Lake loves this! And she looks so cute pushing it along! So, on the walk and the ride mode, as the elephant moves it brings up the colourful balls in the ball catcher and it shoots them back out. Lake finds this hilarious, then she stops to try and pick up the balls, which of course fallen straight into the catcher, ready to go again!
Overall we love this elephant, Lake is drawn to the bright colours and she honestly plays with it for ages! She loves how the ball pop out, but she also loves putting the balls in the seat and taking them out! And repeating this over and over!

Just to be clear, this item was gifted to us, but no review was requested, I reviewed this this because I loved it and wanted to share!