Creating a Toddler Play Nook with Toddle Kind Playmat

& Toddle Kind Prettier Playmat Review
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Having a play room for Lake would be a dream, but unfortunately we just don't have the room in our house. Obviously the majority of Lake's bit and bobs are stored in her bedroom, but in all honestly she doesn't spend that much time in her bedroom, other than when she is sleeping of course! When we are at home, she spends the majority of her time in our living areas, with us. So when Lake started walking we cleared a little corner for her, to store some of her toys but also for her to play. I was full of good intentions to make it a beautiful space for her, but in reality we just plonked her play kitchen in there with a few toy baskets, and that was pretty much it.

It was one of those little jobs that wouldn't really take much but just got put on a list and never got done. But when Toddle Kind offered to send us a Prettier Playmat, it was that little nudge of inspiration I needed to get started. So after I chose my playmat, I was on a little mission! Toddle Kind have so many gorgeous print/ colour combinations to choose from, I couldn't decide if I'm honest. They currently have two main collections: the Persian and the Nordic, both in a set of gorgeous colours. But Jessica helped me decided on the Nordic in Vintage Nude
Before & After

So, I wanted to spend as little pennies as possible creating the Nook, mainly because I just wanted to utilise lots of the bits I already had. You know what its like when you have a baby, the baby bits just mount up! And this is another reason I wanted the Nook, with so much baby stuff, its so easy for all their essentials to just take over your living spaces. This way everything can have its place!
The first thing I did was give the walls a lick of paint. I have been on a mission recently, painting my whole house white! So this is just some left over paint I had, its an off white called North Pole (from B&Q). I'm loving the white look, we have quite a small house so I really want to try and open up the space as much as possible and I find lighter walls really helps. I'm also quite indecisive and like to switch things up a lot so I figured having a neutral base would be ideal. 
I wanted to add some wall art and shelves to the wall but didn't want it to be too busy. I bought these IKEA BEKVAM Spice racks (probably the most Famous Ikea Hack) and used them as mini shelves. I actually brought 3 of them but only ended up using 2. The picture was previously gifted to us from Birth Canva and is a scale size print of Lake when she was born. I love this so much and loved having that little Lakey touch to the wall. 

I added this Little Dutch rainbow abacus (only £15.95, bargain, right?) to the top shelf and this print from With Love from Teddy on the other. The frame was from Poundland which was a total bargain. I have some more of these prints actually so I will definitely be going back and getting some more of them! The bottom shelf I placed upside down so I could hang things of it. For now I added one of Lakes bags but I will probably be switching it up quite a bit.
Next I revamped Lakes IKEA kitchen. I did a blog post on this when I originally 'hacked' it (see it here) but over time I fell out of love with it, so I did it so decided to have another go. I went for pink to match the playmat. I'm going to do a whole post on this though as I have a lot to say about it and there is still a few touches I want to add so I will go into detail on this then. 
I recently had a huge sort of Lake toys, as she had out grown lots of them. So I sorted all her favourites and age appropriate ones and took the rest to the charity shop. I managed to condense them down into 3 baskets, which I intend to rotate. I have been using the toy rotation method for a while now and just love how it works. So I am keeping one of the toy baskets in her little nook and the other two in her bedroom and I will rotate them every few days. 
Lastly but definitely not least, the playmat! And the playmat absolutely makes the little play nook a play nook! I'm literally in love with it, the print is just beautiful! Not only that though, it is 100% practical too. 

They come in 60cm x 60cm squares that you fit together, which is great because not only can you adjust the pattern on the Nordic by switching the squares around but you can adjust the size too, making them fit your space perfectly. 

The playmats are made from non toxic EVA foam, so are totally safe for your little ones. The foam has a thickness of 1.2cm making them durable but soft on those little feet and bottoms! But the best feature in my opinion, is how it is wipe clean! Wipe clean is a life saver with Lake!

As soon as the mat arrived I fell in love with it! And so did Lake, she was sitting on it before I even put it together. I think having the playmat in Lakes little corner really helps define the area as hers, it makes it much more inviting to her. But also much more pleasing to the eye for me. I honestly love it!

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