Balance Bike: Comparison

I have decided that I want to get Lake a balance bike for Christmas. I started searching and discovered that there are so many lovely ones out there and I wondered: What is the best balance bike for toddlers? So I decided to put together my top picks and do a little comparison. And, in sharing I thought if you where looking for a balance bike, this comparison might help you out! I love doing these comparisons as I like to look at things as a whole and gather all the information and prices in one place. Then I feel I can make the best decision! PS. I ordered Lake's just after writing this!

What is a balance bike?
Balance bikes are made for toddlers and younger children, they are the bike before their first 'proper' bike. They are designed to teach the basics of riding a bike, before riding a bike. The basics being, balance and steering. 

So, here they are. ( I have pictured the girly looking ones as Lake is a girl obvs, but most of them do come in other colours)
First Go! By Banwood Bikes
£125 (on offer, usually £149) at The Baby Room (This is the lowest price I could find this one at)
Available in so many different colours and they even have exclusive prints, such as Liberty London. The Banwood balance bike is recommended for 2.5- 5 year olds. It has an adjustable seat and adjustable handle bars. It has 12" rubber wheels and a low frame for easy step over. 

My opinion: So, I think this is the nicest looking bike, I love that it comes with a little basket and some of the others don't. However this is the most expensive one, but you can adjust the handle bars as well as the seat. I would absolutely love this one, however it is a lot more expensive than some of the others and not sure I can justify the price tag when others are similar for less money. 
Pendleton Bayley Balance Bike
£68 from Halfords (Currently on offer, usually £85)
The Pendleton Bayley Balnace bike is recommended for 2- 4 year olds. It comes in this mint colour with a choice of black or cream 12" wheels. It has a low frame and an adjustable seat. This one is also has a V-brake system. 
My opinion: I can not fault this bike. Great price, great looking, has a cute little basket. And this one is the only one that has brakes. This one has 12" wheels and looks like it has a super low frame, which looks perfect for little legs! Again the seat is adjustable on this one. 
Stoy Balance Bike
£56 from Alex and Alexa
The Stoy Balance Bike is recommended for 18 months - 4 year olds. It comes in a variety of different colours and wheels colours. The Stoy balance bike has an adjustable seat, with 10" rubber wheels. It has a low frame for easy step over and  has reduced rotation on the handle bars.

My Opinion: This is the most inexpensive one out of them all, which is kind of a winner for me. I think its super cute and this one has the smallest wheels out of these I have looked at. These are 10" and as Lake is that little bit smaller, I think it would be ideal. I also love how this one has reduced rotation on the handlebars which helps prevent falls. It doesnt have a basket and I would love one with a basket, but can I really pay more money just because I want a basket? No, I cant, thats stupid! Lake actually has a basket backpack that I'm sure would fit!

Little Dutch Balance Bike
£104.49 from Trouva
The Little Dutch Balance bike is recommended from 3 years old and comes in a range of colours. It has an adjustable seat and 12" rubber wheels. 

My Opinion: Not much to say, it ticks all the boxes (not the basket, buy hey, that not that important) and looks like an amazing bike. The only reason this is a no from me is that its recommended from 3 years and obviously Lake has only just turned 2. So I'm assuming it will be a little to big. But looks great for over 3's!
I have ordered Lake's bike, although I am saving until Christmas morning! Can you guess which one I went for? Which is your favourite?

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