DIY Paper Butterflies

I think its safe to say we all know how I love crafts, but I especially love them when Lake can get involved. I always try to involve her in some way or another, so today on our daily walk we went hunting for little sticks. She had her little basket and was filling it up with way more sticks than we need, but she was having fun!

These little butterflies are great for playing with and for decoration, we made lots and I have stuck some to the walls! Adam tells me off because I always stick things to our walls! The twigs make them easy for little hands to hold and Lake has been flapping her butterflies all over.
I'm all for the super simple crafts at the minute, as being in lock down its hard to get your hands on things, so I love to craft with bits from around the house. 
Here's what you'll need:
Twigs (or you could use wooden pegs, I didn't have any!)
Paper (We used a old book, and we did some plain paper ones for Lake decorate, but you could use old magazines or patterned paper, anything you have really)
First thing to do is make a butterfly shaped template. I guess this is not totally necessary but you could free hand each time if you wanted, I thought it would be easier to make a template. Drawing the wings for the template was not easy as it sounds lol! I had to have a few attempts before I was happy!
Next, use your template to draw and cut out your paper, I used two per butterfly, so the wings would 'flap.' I gave Lake her plain ones to decorate too.
Glue the two butterflies in the centre and fold the wings to make them flap. Glue your stick or peg in the middle and I added some smaller ones for antenna.
Told you it was easy!