DIY: Toilet Tube Baby Shark

Firstly sorry if this song now gets stuck in your head! This little 15 minute craft is perfect to do with the little ones, especially if they love baby shark! Lake certainly does! I love crafts that Lake can get involved with making, but then they can play with after, win win! Although, she did make one hell of a mess but hey ho! 

Anyway its probably the easiest DIY in the world, but so cute, I just had to share...

Toilet Roll tube
Some scrap paper

Step 1
Cut you mouth shape out of toilet roll tube, save the little cut out pieces for fins.
Step 2
Paint all your pieces
Step 3
While the paint is drying, cut out your teeth and eyes (I just drew some eyes with a sharpie)
Step 4
Stick it together and your good to go!

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