DIY Blowing Bubbles

If your little one is anything like Lake, they will love bubbles! Lake is obsessed with them, we are constantly buying them for her to use the whole mixture in a matter of minutes! In the past, I have experimented with trying to find a recipe that actually works, and this one really does. No more buying bubbles for us.

I have mentioned on many occasions how we love making things at home, not only because its usually cheaper but making it is just as fun! This is so easy to make and only look a few minutes but never the less Lake loved making it. I love things that Lake can make herself (with my help obviously).
What you'll need:
1 cup Warm Water
1/4 cup Honey (runny)
1/4 cup Washing Up Liquid
Bubble wand (We used an old one)
Nothing fancy, just add the ingredients to a jar/ pot and mix! And your good to go!