DIY Toilet Tube Bird Feeder

Lake loves looking for 'birdies' on our walks and when I asked her if she wanted to feed the birds, she was super excited! I started trowelling the internet (pinterest) to look for a simple bird feeder. I found this one and adapted it slightly to fit what we had a home!

What you'll need: 
Toilet Tube
Nut Butter (i used penunt, as this is what we had in)
Bird Food (We didnt have any seeds, but birds can eat uncooked oats, so this is what we went with)

Lake made most of this by herself, I only had to help with the string part. So poke some holes and attach the string for dangling on your tree. Tuck the string inside the tube ready for the next step.
Spread with your nut butter, yep, Lake made a bit of a mess and actually licked a lot of the peanut butter! Standard!
This is the part she found the most fun. Roll to over in your chosen bird food...
Thats it!
All thats left to do is to dangle on a tree for the birdies! Lake was quite particular in finding the perfect spot!
TIP: I added some more oats to the tray and let Lake have a little play before we went to feed the bird!
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