DIY Lion Activity Two Ways

cardboard lion activity
I made this little lion faces out of cardboard and make them in two activities for Lake. The first being a sticking activity, great for eye hand coordination skills and the second being a cutting activity, great for practising the use of scissors and strengthening those little hands...
cardboard lion craft
montessori sticking activity
I used the first lion faces to create the lions. I cut up some strips of yellow paper and set them out as above for her to glue. I drew a circle on the back of the face so she knew where to stick them. Lake really loved this as she does with all glueing activities. She didn't quite manage the whole main so she has a little help from Jess!
Montessori glueing activity
montessori cutting activity
The next day, once fully dry, I set up the activity: giving the Lion a haircut! Lake seems to be obsessed with scissors, she always want to use them. She hasn't fully got the hang of them yet, so I thought this would be a great way to practice. She had fun giving the lions a haircut!
cutting cardboard craft
DIY lion face activity 2 ways
DIY lion face activity 2 ways