DIY Montessori Table Mat for Place setting

Handmade Montessori Table Mat
Practical life activities are one of my favourite things about the Montessori method. Setting the table was one of the first activites I set out for Lake. It consisted of an old tea towel and a sharpie, which actually worked really well but I decided to give them a little upgrade!

Homemade Montessori Table Place setting
It was actually so easy to make and I love how it turned out. I'm in the process of making several more as Lake is a messy eater!

All you will need is...
A Tea Towel
Iron Webbing
Embroidery thread

DIY Montessori placemat
Tea towels will usually be too big for one placemat so the first thing is to cut it in half. You will them need to hem the cut side to enclose the raw edge. I fully intended to sew these edges shut but I found some iron webbing and thought that would be quicker! Roll over the edge so that the raw edge is enclosed and iron in place. Then either sew this shut or use the webbing to stick it shut.
DIY Montessori table mat
Then just draw around your cutlery/ cups and plates with a pencil to mark where you want to sew. Use a contrasting thread and sew along the pencil lines. It takes a little while but the finished result is worth it! Plus they can be easy washed in the washing machine. 
DIY Montessori Table mat
Montessori Table Setting activity
Handmade DIY Montessori Place Mat
DIY Montessori Placemat
DIY Montessori Table Mat