Toilet Tube Bat - Halloween #smallhandsbigplay Challenge Day #1

Toilet tube bats
I think its clear for everyone to see how much I love crafts, and Lake definitely takes after her Mama with this, she loves nothing more than, cutting, sticking and painting! Now October has hit, I have waved goodbye to Summer, which really does pain me because Summer is my favourite, but I'm fully ready to embrace Autumn! As much as we try and get our craft on as much as we can, its not always possible, so this October I decided to set myself a little challenge...
I have decided to create a little #smallhandsbigplay challenge, where each day in October, I will create and share a little Halloween themed craft/ play set up that you can do with your little one. Lake is going to love it!

First up, today (ok, little lie, we did them yesterday) we made these toilet tube bats...

I'm not going to go into a full tutorial or anything for these as they are pretty self explanatory by the images, instead i thought it would let you know what we used, how Lake and I got on making these and the potential benefits of learning while doing so...

What you'll need:
Toilet Tube
Black Card (for wings & ears)
Googly Eyes (optional)
Toddler painting
Obviously all of the crafts in this challenge are for the littles but they cant do them alone. One of the best things about crafting with your littles is the time you get to spend together. Thats what I love about crafting with Lake, I love doing them with her, spending time together bonding. 
All crafts are different but you can tailor each to their abilities, take these bats for example. Lake painted the tubes, I drew and cut out the wings and she stuck them on. She glued on the eyes with my guidance and I drew on the smiley face. 
Halloween crafts kids
Lake loves painting, she is just having fun but in reality by doing so she is learning the following skill sets:
* Hand eye coordination
* Fine pincer grasp
* creative development
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Halloween craft toilet tube bats
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