Apple Print Pumpkins - Halloween #smallhandsbigplay Challenge Day #2

Halloween kids craft
I'm not going to lie, Lake did make a mess with this one, but had so much fun it was worth it. We started of making some cute pumpkins but then she went to town on the printing!
We didn't have any orange paint so we mixed some some up, cut some apples in half and got printing.
Apple pumpkin prints
What you'll need:
An Apple
Orange paint
Felt pens or crayons
halloween painting for toddlers
Lake painted the apples (and most of her hands to be honest) and she printed them on the paper, slowly at first, but when she got the hang of it she was printing like a mad women! She then moved on to hand printing...
toddler print painting
As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to say a little bit about how each craft can help your littles learning and development. This one is great for their hand eye coordination skills and their creative development.
Toddler halloween pumpkin craft
apple print pumpkin craft
Kids halloween pumpkin craft