Paper Plate Witches Hat - Halloween #smallhandsbigplay Challenge Day #15

Toddler DIY halloween hat
A witches hat is essential for Halloween right? And I thought why not make our own. I actually love how this turned out, its the perfect size for Lake...
Halloween witched hat
Here's what you'll need:
*Paper Plate
*Party Hat
*Elastic (I used what came with the party hat)
*Sellotape or Glue
*Black Paint
*Decorations of choice (We used Glue & Glitter.

DIY Witched hat for halloween
So as always, I prepped everything for Lake. I made the hate and let her paint it, Obviously you can adjust depending on your little ones age. So to make the hat...
Cut a circle in the middle of the paper plate the just smaller than the  edge of the party hat. Turn the party hat inside out and secure in place with glue or sellotape. Snip the edge of the party hat all the way around, then place into the paper plate and fold the snips back. Glue or sellotape in place. 
Halloween craft for kids
So now the witches hat is all prepared, its Lakes turn to paint and decorate it. She did such a good job of painting it and once dry she added glitter.
Halloween craft for toddlers
Then I added some elastic so it hold in place on her head and we have a little witch...
DIY Halloween craft witched hat
Toddler halloween witches hat
Halloween craft DIY Toddler witches hat
DIY Halloween Witches hat craft