Toilet Tube Black Cat - Halloween #smallhandsbigplay Challenge Day #14

Toilet Tube Black Cats
I think this one is my favourite Halloween activity so far. And Lake as always love the paining...

Toddler Craft
What you'll need:
*Toilet Tubes
*Black Paint
*Card/ Paper
Halloween Craft - Toilet Tube Black Cat
Prior Preparation
As always I like to prepare the craft activities prior to letting her do the activity. This is to ensure everything is prepared and ready to go when she starts. You can adjust your preparation dependant on your childs age. Lake is almost 3. I cut all the small pieces (eyes, nose, whiskers and tail) out of the paper and card, set up the paint and the glue.
Toddler Halloween Craft
Lakes turn
Lake painted the toilet tubes (and then several pieces of paper) and then once dry I helped her glue on all the small pieces. Lastly I pushed in the tops of the tubes to create the ear shape.  She then continued to play with the cats and repeat 'Meow', too cute!
Toilet Tube craft for kids
Kids Halloween Craft - Toilet Tube Black Cat
Toddler Halloween Craft - Toilet Tube Black Cat