Simple Toddler Halloween Lunch Box Ideas


Toddler halloween Lunch
I love making lunch a little more fun, Lake loved these Halloween inspired lunches, so simple to make too...
Menu 1
Bat Sandwiches
(I used these bat cutters)
Pumpkin Baby Orange
(Just a peeled baby orange with a little celery as a stalk)
Cheese Pretzel Broom Sticks
(Straight pretzels with a little cheese string on the end, peeled in a broom shape)
Ghostie Banana
(Melt the back on the chocolate chips to make them stick)
Kids Halloween Lunch Box Ideas
Menu 2
Pizza Pumpkins
(I used these cutters. Pizza made on a ready to roll puff pastry sheet)
Monster Cucumbers
(Remove the middle of the cucumber and add edible eyes)
Edible Eye Yoghurt
(Edible eyes in yoghurt)
Monster Krispie Squares
(Cut to size and add melted chocolate to one end)
Childrens Halloween Lunch Ideas
Menu 3
Mummy Cheese Straws
(Cheese string, wrapped in strips of puff pastry, edible eyes added after)
Kiwi Frankenstein
(Gently cut off the skin, leaving a helmet shape, add edible eyes)
Spooky Jelly
(Edible eyes added to Jelly)
Mummy Oreos
(Use a piping bag to add stripes to the oreo, edible eyes added)
kids halloween food ideas

Kids/ Toddler Halloween Lunch Box Ideas