DIY Latch / Lock Busy Board Makeover


Town House Style DIY Lock Board

We had had this Latch/ busy board for a while, and to be honest, it often got overlooked by Lake. So I decided with her help, I'd give it a little makeover. My idea being, the more she helped, the more she would remember and reach for it, after all a latch board is perfect for those fine motor and problem solving skills...

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DIY Lock busy board for toddlers

I actually love how it turned out and to be honest, it was so simple. I love having it on display in her playroom, so she can access it whenever she likes. I think it looks so pretty now, heres a little before and after...

Like I mentioned, we had had this busy board for a while, I think we originally picked it up secondhand but I have linked it below:

Melissa and Doug Latch Board DIY

Melissa & Doug Latches Board | Developmental Toy | Motor Skills | Problem Solving | 3+ | Gift for Boy or Girl

What you will need:


Paint colours of your choice

Black Sharpie

Stickers (optional)

Yep! That's it!

Firstly, I gave it a sand all over, I tired several types of sandpaper and the finer ones definitely worked the best. It was a bit fiddly going around the edges of the latches but to be honest I wasn't too accurate. Lake had some sandpaper in hand too and loved helping. Remember to open the latches and sand inside there too.

After sanding, I gave it a good clean and dust up, ready for the painting. When I had this idea, I did plan to paint the houses in light pastel shades. However we had just finished painting our lounge and I had 5 tester pots left over, so I decided to use them. Yes, I used just regular emulsion.

Busy latch board makeover

I knew it would need a couple of coats of paint, so Lake and I painted the whole thing in white first. Once dried, I penciled on the three house shapes. Next, I painted on the houses and like i thought, they needed a couple of coats. I painted all the doors and windows in white so they would stand out a little more.

Once all dried I then opened all the latches and painted the insides. And this is where Lake had the most fun. I gave her some stickers we had lying around and let her arrange inside the doors, she loved it!

DIY busy board for toddlers

Last step is to use the sharpie to add the outlines. I wanted to go for an 'imperfect' style to make room for errors! It was actually really easy and I must admit, once I started, I loved it!! You definitely don't need any artistic skills. 

That's it what do you think? Would you give it a go? 


DIY Melissa and Doug Latch board makeover
DIY Busy latch board