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Balance Bike: Comparison

I have decided that I want to get Lake a balance bike for Christmas. I started searching and discovered that there are so many lovely ones out there and I wondered: What is the best balance bike for toddlers? So I decided to put together my top picks and do a little comparison. And, in sharing I thought if you where looking for a balance bike, this comparison might help you out! I love doing these comparisons as I like to look at things as a whole and gather all the information and prices in one place. Then I feel I can make the best decision! PS. I ordered Lake's just after writing this!
What is a balance bike? Balance bikes are made for toddlers and younger children, they are the bike before their first 'proper' bike. They are designed to teach the basics of riding a bike, before riding a bike. The basics being, balance and steering. 
So, here they are. ( I have pictured the girly looking ones as Lake is a girl obvs, but most of them do come in other colours) First Go! By…

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